Start small to go big!

Today i started and shipped something that mattered, at least i think so. Seth Godin was talking on the Tim Ferriss show about starting small to go big and this is exactly what i am doing. Bringing people together for a greater cause to help those in need, but on a small scale. I will take the next 3 months to spend time with these people who care about this project and me.

I believe we are disrespecting to many things, we are disrespecting the people who don’t have access to clean water, we are disrespecting the nature, we are disrespecting the clothes we are wearing, disrespecting the people who made those clothes and most of all we are disrespecting ourselves by ignoring the needs of other human beings. This is why this project started.

From starting this process to actually ship it took me less than 2 weeks. I am really looking forward to make a little difference together with a caring community. We are just getting started, let’s see where this journey leads us.

Water is more important than fashion!

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Ali Azimi