About me


About me

My parents left Iran after the revolution in 1979 and started all over in Germany. Only 400 DM in their pockets they decided to give it a shot. A huge risk but a least a chance of a more prosperous life for their children. 

Growing up with two different cultures was tough. The problems and opportunities that occurred shaped my mind and my soul. I had huge problems with our educational system and the way we were told to learn and accept everything during those years. I wasn't obedient at all, that's why I probably failed school.

So I've started to try new things, discovering stuff, people and topics that inspired and interested me. I was 23 when I first heard about entrepreneurship. It was the beginning of an unbelievable journey. 

After five years making things happen, I finally decided to write about it. You will find storys about my life, lessons I've learned, and tons of mistakes I've made. 

I hope you get inspired to start something. Do not hesitate to contact me.



What others say about me:

Kind, chaotic and full of energy
— Farschid E. Founder PPC Detective
Always up for great ideas, creative head, funny and a big heart
— Lara M. Marketing expert